Update, Update, Update!

It’s been a long while since I really posted in this blog. Stories about my journey to motherhood and Z’s journey to development. If you go back a few posts back, I wrote about being a long-distance momma. Well, that was the reason for the very few posts. I’m hoping that that would change soon.

Z is back with me in the big metro since I was able to get a new nanny. She’s only been with us for about a couple of weeks but I am hoping that she’s here to stay for a bit longer. I’ll probably talk about nannies sometime in the future. Still trying to compose an article about that. But I will definitely post something about it.

Z is currently in the waiting list for school enrolment as well since we were already late. We’re also waiting for his therapy schedule once his assessment has been scheduled and done. In the meantime, we are dappling into homeschooling. I’m actually leaning towards going homeschooling especially since SPED schools are really expensive. There’s one near our place which has a regular school, a SPED center as well as a therapy center. That’s where Z is currently under wait list.

I didn’t realize that SPED tuition fees go as high as twice the regular school, sometimes even more. And that’s depending on the needs of the child. The regular school tuition fee, I can afford. I’m not entirely sure that I can afford SPED given all the upcoming medical procedures that Z needs to undergo this year. One is actually about to become an urgent need to be done, too. I’m looking into getting him scheduled for several therapy sessions a week, supported with homeschooling at home. I think that is doable.

In terms of development, Z has definitely improved a lot. He’s more talkative now, knows a lot of words though it’s all word approximation for now. He knows how to associate an item from a photo to the real one, too. He knows how to say please (and he says this often when he asks for something), he answers “I want…” when asked what he wants. We’re working on sentence constructions now so he can articulate more his needs and wants. More on his development soon, too.

So, it’s been exactly 3 weeks since Z joined me back. And it’s also been 3 weeks that we had a nanny. And in those 3 weeks, I haven’t had enough sleep. I think I’m back to adjusting to our set up. Waking up early has never really been my strongest suit but it has to be done. If I am to homeschool Z, I really have to start waking up early so I can prepare the activities that we need to get done on a daily basis. And I also have to leave activities that he has to do in the afternoon that will be supervised by his nanny while I’m at work. So that means doing the activities with Z and training the nanny at the same time.

It does seem like a lot of work. And it really IS a lot of work. But I know that it will be the most fulfilling thing that I will be doing. So, as what Kulas of Becoming Filipino keeps on saying, “Power on!”. LOL!

My mom is a fan of Kulas and has been watching his vlogs for quite some time. Now, Z also watches his vlogs and enjoys it. The nanny got influenced, too. She watches the videos with Z. Haha! Talk about positive vibes!

Til here for now. I still have quite a few things on my list to do before I can get some sleep. You will definitely hear from me again soon.

Whew! That was quite a long update!

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