McDonald’s McCelebrations for Z’s 4th Birthday, Part 1

mcdonalds mccelebrations feature

Z celebrated his 4th birthday by having a McDonald’s McCelebrations party last September 2 at McDonald’s El Pueblo, Ortigas. I never really planned to have a birthday party for the little boy this year. But last February, I have received a token from McDonald’s for a sponsored post. You can read all about it here.

mcdonald's mccelebrations voucher
Food package voucher and gift certificates from McDonalds 🙂

I finally decided to throw a party for the little boy about 3 weeks before the schedule. Ha! Talk about cramming! Good thing that the second option for a location I had in my list was available on the schedule I wanted. By August 18, I paid the reservation fee and went back a week after to finalize the food and the head count.

Special Requests

I think I had about 3, well not really so special, requests:

Sound system – I had to ask if it is possible for me to check their sound system prior to the scheduled party. You see, Z is very sensitive to noise. He can tolerate loud music so long as it is of high quality sound, otherwise, he will become agitated. I also had to request to have the volume toned down to a moderate level just to avoid this scenario. And if the sound system was crappy, I’d opt not to use it anymore.

Customized theme – I had to ask if the store would allow customized theme as I was initially thinking of putting up a themed party (albeit rushed) for the little boy. Fortunately, they allow it but it will be an additional theme on top of the standard one they have. And as long as it is not something being offered by their competitor. I ended up not adding another theme (I was planning to add Disney Cars) due to budget and time constraints so I just added letter balloons for Z’s name on the standard tarp just to add a little dimension to the decor.

mcdonald's mccelebrations stage
Letter balloons 🙂

Mascot – There’s only one mascot that I like from McDonald’s and that is Grimace. I had to request if the store can let him do an appearance for the party. If Grimace was not available, Birdie will do as I was initially told that the store only had Birdie and Hamburglar as their mascots. For some reason, I didn’t like Hamburglar. They said that they will try to source out Grimace. Apparently, the store had Hamburglar and Grimace, not Birdie. So I said I’d go with Grimace. Haha!

mcdonalds mccelebrations grimace

Food Packages

McDonald’s McCelebrations have 4 food packages offered. And for each food package, it comes with a McDonald’s loot bag. Apart from the loot bag, each meal (for a minimum of 10 guests) comes with the following as well: balloons, party hats and activity mats. This is different from the giveaways provided by the chosen theme.

mcdonalds mccelebrations table setup
Food package inclusions

However, I was not totally impressed with the food combination for each package they offer.

The good thing is it is possible to customize the food package, depending on what you want to serve your guests. The only downside (if you can really call it that) is that if the food package is customized, the loot bag will no longer be included. Which was totally fine with me.

Well, if you want to save and/stretch that peso for the party, I would recommend customizing your menu. It comes out a lot cheaper than ordering the party food package.

I got the chicken spaghetti meal for adults and chicken nuggets happy meal plus spaghetti for the kids. All meals include fries and sundae as add-ons. Not bad though my sister looked for burger. Hahaha!

McDonald's McCelebrations happy meal
Happy Meal for the kids 🙂

Theme Inclusions

I chose the basic theme for Z’s party. McDonald’s offer a few others but Z doesn’t know those characters. So I was okay with the basic one – Ronald and the Gang.

mcdonald's mccelebrations giveaway
Ronald and the Gang Bobblehead gift set is for the little boy while the rest are game prizes

Themes come with the following:

  • Party room
  • Full hosting
  • Games and 30 prizes
  • 1 gift for the celebrant
  • 30 themed giveaways
  • An appearance by Gimace, Hamburglar or Birdie

The Ronald and the Gang Bobblehead toy set is free for the Ronald and the Gang theme but you can also get this for Php 350 if other themes are chosen.

Other themes they have are: Ben10, Winx and Adventure Time.

You can check McDonald’s website for more details or call the branch near you for party reservations.

I’m cutting this post here because it is starting to get too lengthy. But watch out for the second part of the McDonald’s McCelebrations for Z’s 4th Birthday as I will be blogging about the details of the event itself and my feedback for McDonald’s El Pueblo. If you are planning to celebrate your kid’s birthday at McDonald’s El Pueblo, too, you will definitely want to read my next blog post.

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