Blabber Chapter: Sleep Deprived

Hello, dears! I am still alive. Well, barely, that is. LOL!

It seems that I’ve been running on caffeine for the past few weeks. It seems that the days are so short and time has been running faster, don’t you agree? It feels like I just blinked and the month of March is almost over. Where did all the days go? I barely got things done in my list!

Anyway, I am just dropping by to say that I am still alive and I do have a few lined up in the next coming weeks and months. Eversince I migrated to this new blog, I have been way too conscious about the technicalities of blogging that I was having quite a hard time writing. I’ve been cramming technical information in my head for the past few weeks, apart from editing the previous posts that we have migrated (and there are a LOT!), in a few short hours every after work. I think my brain has been working too much already that I need to give it a break. Hence, the scarcity of posts.

I still have to write about last month’s family trip! There’s also a book review that I will be posting soon and I know that many people will want to read about the book, too, so watch out for that (hint: it’s about finances). Oh, and I am planning to share a lot more of Z’s developmental progress as well as some of the activities that he does in therapy and the ones that we improvise at home. There will be lots of DIYing for me in the next coming months. This is a good thing as I see this as the start of our homeschooling journey. Yes, my dear friends, I am still prioritizing homeschooling instead of traditional classroom set up for Z. It will be hard, I am expecting that, by I am so looking forward to it.

With everything that I’ve been juggling lately, it’s no wonder I am already sleep deprived. So for now, I’ll leave this as is and will get myself a few zzz’s as it is going to be quite a big day tomorrow.

I hope you stick around, guys. I’ll make it worth your while. Weeee! 🙂

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