Blabber Chapter: Post Go-Live Woes

For every project that I was a part of, the go-live is never an issue. The real issue begins after go-live where you encounter issues upon issues that you’ve never considered during testing stage.

Same thing applies after I migrated my blog. I am encountering things, not necessarily an issue, that I’ve never considered before. It’s baffling, really, to realize that I need to do a lot of manual work after migration. I’ve been editing posts and links for the past few days now and I am not yet done.

One of my biggest concerns now though is the photos. I never realized that I have a lot of photos that are too large in size which has been eating up lots of space and has considerably affected the loading time.

I’ve been trying to scale down the photos but I am not satisfied with the outcome. I’ve tried several photo reduction apps but the file sizes are still considered large. Gaaaah!

I’ve got hundreds of photos uploaded and it looks like I need to manually edit those and re-upload them. Too much work, I gotta say.

But life goes on. Haha! While I try to figure out how to get that done, I need to figure out how to downsize the photos for my next few posts first.

Any good apps out there that can help? Currently at a loss here. Lol!

Okay, enough of this. I’ll think about it some other time. I need to get some shut eye now since it’s already quarter past 4 in the morning here and the little boy will be waking up in the next 2-3 hours.

Good mornight!

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  1. Photos… If your pictures are in phone, edit in lightroom, and save as the smaller one. doesn’t affect image quality upon compression. Personally, I use photoshop when I compress photos (because when in manila requires pictures to be of high quality yet small size). what I do in photoshop is to open my image, click on the menu bar “image” and click on image size and change it there. 720p (width)x 480p for landscape photos usually works 😀

    1. I use Pixlr for quick editing but I cannot reduce the file size. Looks like I really need to use Photoshop then. Will try Lightroom too. Thanks! 😊

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