V-Day Bday Family Day

Happy Birthday, Mama! <3

Valentine’s Day is my Mom’s birthday. Instead of just having lunch somewhere, the family decided to have a picnic at Botanical Garden. We ordered take out food and spent a couple of hours in the park, while occasionally watching tourists go about the area. After lunch, my aunt and cousin went ahead while the rest of the family walked the short distance to Volante to have coffee.

with Baby SR, Z and yaya Len 🙂
Z with Lola Fe and Mama Nana
Lunch with the fambam 😀
chill mode after eating 😀

After coffee, we played tourist by walking through Wright Park then climbing the stairs going the The Mansion. I didn’t take photos but my sister and my brother did (and I still have to get a copy of those snaps, too). After the short tour of the tourist spots, we went on our separate ways. (My youngest brother, Yaya Len, Z and I went home. The other brother went somewhere else and my sister and her partner went on their own way as well; and my Mom went to the market before coming home).

Since it was just Z and I who ate dinner (since everybody was still full after all the food consumed since lunch time), my brother brewed coffee and we ate the latest attempt I made at baking – Blueberry Cheesecake Streusel. According to my brother and mother, it was good. Weeee! Success at first attempt! 😀 Since I didn’t have fresh (or even frozen) blueberries, I opted to use the wild blueberry preserve my brother bought in Sagada. It was yummy! And I am just happy to be able to pull it off. That’s my gift to my Mom… for now… LOL!


The day was spent well, if I would say so myself. The last picnic we’ve had as a family has been ages ago and it was really nice to get to spend my Mom’s birthday this way. It was fun, it was relaxing, and it was just great to be able to spend time as a family (with everyone present, which happens not so often nowadays).

And here is my date of the day. Lovely boy, he is. 😀 <3


Hope you guys had a wonderful V-day, too.

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