12 Days For The Year That Was – January and February 2015

I was planning to start a 12 blog posts for 12 days of Christmas but I have already missed two days. I kinda lost count, actually. Haha!

I was thinking of doing another series of 12 Days of Gratitude – just like what I did last year – and then I thought, why not do something different? So here is what I am thinking. Since I have already done 12 Days of Gratitude last year, why not recount the things that I have been most grateful for for each month of this year? Sounds good?

I’ll be doing January and February for today since I am already 2 days behind.


This was the busiest month I’ve ever had at work. It was crunch time with the biggest project I have participated in and we were all anxious to complete all tests and ensure success of the project. Before the month ended, the project went live and we – Manila team and Singapore team – felt good that we were able to pull it off. This month was full of sleepless nights, long work hours, sacrificed weekends, and lots of coffee. But in the end, I myself was so grateful that the project was successful and all our efforts didn’t go to waste.

I was glad to be part of such a big project such as the one that we’ve had and I am looking forward to more projects like this. The start of the year was full of adrenaline rush but it was all so worth it. I am so grateful for the opportunity and I am so happy with my decision to stay with my current company as I get to experience challenges that I have never thought I would ever have.


I cannot remember much of this month. All I remember was that it was crazy at work. Given that we have just gone live with the project, we had been on our toes for issues that will arise – which was more than we anticipated – and we had to ensure that we are able to get resolution in the quickest time possible. I am not much fond of this month, really,  but February is my Mom’s birthday and we celebrated it with a simple dinner at home (we bought take-out food, 😛 ).

For this month, I have been grateful for having a patient Mom who – no matter how much we have misunderstandings – is still there for us, no matter what. I am now starting to understand things that only one will understand when one becomes a Mom or a parent, for that matter. Thanks to my Mom for everything, really. There’s nothing more that I can ask for.


Those are the things that happened for the first two months of this year and those are the things that I am grateful for for each of those months.

March and April will be posted tomorrow. To be continued…


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