Hello? Still there?

Yep, I am still here. Haha!

Geez, I haven’t realized that it has been more than a month since my last post. Where did all those time go? Anyway, I am just dropping by (yes, I am dropping by my own blog, yeesh) just to say I am still alive and very much kicking. LOL!

It has been a very busy time these past few weeks and I will be sharing some of the things that┬áhave kept me busy in the next coming weeks. I will definitely make time to blog, I promise. Well, apart from being busy with stuff, I think I had a writer’s block (maka-writer, wagas!) and I just can’t come up with words to write and I always end up with a blank space in front of me. #stresspamore

So, again, I just dropped by to say I am still here and working on a few posts hopefully within this week. So sit back, relax and chill. LOL!

Can’t wait for this weekend’s event, though. Who’s going to Blogapalooza? See you there!


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