Good Friday Indeed…

So, I arrived in the mountain city earlier tonight, around quarter to eight. It was actually surprising that the usual 6.5 hours commute became 5.5 hours travel from the big metro. I guess you can chalk it up to lesser people on the roads to cause heavy traffic jams (since most of them have already gone home earlier in the week), and the one way lanes already opened up to ease up the traffic. Well, except in the big metro, I guess, since the road re-blocking has started yesterday .

And my little boy was so happy to see me. 😀 He just couldn’t stop smiling when I arrived. I didn’t have the chance to take photos of his smiles since I was busy enjoying the moment. 🙂 My Mom said that he stayed awake and fought off sleep earlier in the evening and kept on playing until I came home. The little boy was too excited that he stayed awake for almost three hours more until he succumbed to blissful sleep. 😀

playing the latest favorite toy :D
playing the latest favorite toy 😀
"take my pic, Mommy" :D
“take my pic, Mommy” 😀
the pout :P
the pout 😛
the sleepy little boy
the sleepy little boy
goodnight world!
goodnight world!

Coming home this Holy Week is totally worth it. The feeling of tiredness due to work and other personal stuff and day to day activities has taken its toll on me that I just wanted to stay back in my apartment and sleep whole day long but just the thought of my son pushes me to move and prepare for a long commute home. And like I said, it was totally worth it. Just the smile of this little boy alone took away all the weariness I feel.

A good long sleep was what I had in mind in spending the Good Friday before. Now and moving forward, my Good Fridays will always indeed be good because I will be spending it with this little warrior who is asleep beside me. 🙂

So for now, good night world! The Mommy needs rest for tomorrow’s adventure with my heart and soul. 🙂


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