Z’s 6th month weekend outing…

"I'm 6 months old... Wow!"
“I’m 6 months old… Wow!”

My son was born on the 29th day. Given that February only has 29th day every 4 years, it has been customary for people to celebrate birthdays on the 28th. It was a no-brainer, some would probably say. But for some reason, celebrating Z’s sixth month on the 28th seem to be a bit early. LOL! Silly, I know. So I decided to celebrate the 6th month milestone over the weekend instead.

I was planning to bring the little boy to Tagaytay to celebrate. Just to be away from the big metro but not far enough to make it hard for me and my sister to travel. And my sister haven’t been there yet. Let’s just say that I never got to plan out the logistics side of it so we didn’t push through. Maybe next time.

Little Z’s weekend started very early. I brought him with me to have breakfast with my work mates. You see, I work the night shift (well, mostly anyway… I think my shift will eventually be changed, depending on my workload) so instead of having team dinners (as what other teams do), the nocturnal people have team breakfasts. 🙂

Z with the night shift peeps
Z with the night shift peeps
Finally, met the little boy :D
Finally, met the little boy 😀

After breakfast, we went back home. I was thinking of going to the SuperSale Bazaar but I was so sleepy (since I only got to spend about less than 2 hours sleep before preparing for the team breakfast) so I slept for a few hours while my sister and the little boy played. I decided against the bazaar given that there might be hoards of people there and I was a bit wary of bringing little Z to those events. Maybe eventually. Anyway, I brought the little boy and my sister to MOA because I was thinking that I haven’t brought the little boy there yet and it seems like a good day to have some photos taken by the bay.

Unfortunately, I didn’t realize that it was the start of the International Pyromusical Competition that day. No wonder there were hoards of people. And the bay area was off-limits as people with tickets are the only ones allowed to go there. So much for taking photos. We just had super-late lunch then roamed around a bit before deciding to move to a different venue.

not int he mood to smile
not int he mood to smile
fell asleep in stroller
fell asleep in stroller

Well, we found ourselves back at our usual hang out place. 😀 Spent a while hanging out and having coffee before strolling the mall.

hanging out @ UCC Park Cafe
hanging out @ UCC Park Cafe

It was the start of the month long sale of Baby Company again so I thought of checking out which items were on sale. Ended up buying bath toys for little Z:

rubber duckies!!! :D
rubber duckies!!! 😀

Day 2, Sunday: I was planning on starting the day early. Around lunch time, supposedly. But it seems that I am having a case of insomnia lately, I ended up waking up after lunch. I was thinking of spending the day having lunch with my friend (and hopefully with the little girl) but I never got a confirmation (although I found out that she did respond back in Skype, only I didn’t receive it… sucky internet connection nowadays, I think). I decided to bring Z and my sister to Bonifacio Highstreet for the afternoon.

2014-03-02 15.28.20
it’s an orange kind of day 😀

2014-03-02 17.08.03

The Ninang finally got to hug the little boy :D
The Ninang finally got to hug the little boy 😀
"Ninang, bring Kikay next time" :D
“Ninang, bring Kikay next time” 😀

We strolled for a bit around Highstreet before we went grocery shopping. The little boy is almost out of diapers and needs a new can of formula. So, grocery we went before going home.

Well, the day didn’t end there. We Skyped with my mom and my brother Reis again (we Skyped Saturday night, too. 😀 ) while having dinner. I was not able to buy cake for the little boy but Ninang RB gave the little boy six cupcakes. 😀 I forgot to buy the #6 candle, though. LOL!

in lieu of cake... :D
in lieu of cake… 😀
"Mum, can I have one of those colorful whatchacallit?" :D
“Mum, can I have one of those colorful whatchacallit?” 😀
"I think my fingers are yummier than those.." LOL!
“I think my fingers are yummier than those..” LOL!

It was a tiring day but it was still fun. It wasn’t really how I planned to celebrate Z’s sixth month but I enjoyed it. I think the little boy enjoyed it, too. 😀 And to end his day:

"Good night, world!" zzzzzz....
“Good night, world!” zzzzzz….

People might be thinking that I am making such a big deal out of Z’s monthly growth that I need to make sure that it is celebrated. For me, every month is a milestone for Z. There was a time that I thought I would lose this kid. Even if I already planned to celebrate each month until he turns 1 year old even before he was born, each celebration became much more meaningful to me given what he’s gone through initially. So yeah, every month’s celebration is a big deal to me. Wait for what I planned for his first birthday. LOL! I hope I could pull my idea off, though. That’s for future story anyway.

On a side note: I finally got my mom card from Baby Company. I should have gotten this a long time ago. For some reason, I keep thinking that I’ll eventually get one and I always forget. My sister urged me to get one earlier while we were buying Z’s diapers. So, here it is:

Mom card
Mom card

So to sum it all off: it was a pretty laid-back weekend but given the heat, lack of decent sleep and the hoards of people (well, it was a payday weekend so it was expected), it was tiring. But spending it with my little Z to celebrate his half year, it was fun. I had fun. 😀

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