Photo – Blog Challenge Day 30

Blog Challenge: Favorite Ice cream flavor

I don’t think I have a favorite flavor, so to speak, but I prefer anything with coffee in it. 😛 But there are times that I like chocolate-flavored icecream and there are times that I like plain vanilla because I can put different toppings or fruits in it. But more often than not, any flavor will do, expecially if it’s free. Haha!

When I was young, I think my favorite was mango icecream. I like mangoes in general so I think that was the idea. Like everything with mango. 😛 Then I found out that ripe mangoes go so well with vanilla ice cream. So I like that better now than just plain mango ice cream.

Then there was a time that I like rockyroad. I don’t know why.

I’m not much into cookies and cream icecream though.

So, there goes. There are a lot of weird flavored icecream coming out but I haven’t tried any of them yet. I don’t think I will try them. Like chili-flavored icecream. LOL!

Photo Challenge: Upside down

Will this do? 😛


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