Photo – Blog Challenge Day 22

Blog Challenge: What do you do when you’re home all alone?

Well, I’ve never really been home alone ever since I gave birth. But before that, I used to be home all alone most of the time. If it is a weekday, what I normally do is sleep. Well, channel surf, check facebook, check emails, chat with a few friends who are still online during wee hours in the morning then sleep before the sun rises.

During weekends, well, that depends on my mood. When I didn’t have any scheduled night out on that weekend, I usually sleep the day away, wake up at around early evening, watch TV, and if I feel slightly more, uhm, industrious , if you may, I do the laundry and scrub my floors until it shone. That normally took me the whole night to do.

If I was feeling awfully lazy on weekends, I go out and buy food instead of cook, then change the nail polish on my fingernails and toenails. (Which reminds me, I need to change my toenail polish).

Now that I have my son with me, I haven’t spent any day alone at home yet. But when the two of us are left alone and we don’t have plans of going out, we just play in the room all day. Well, play and sleep and feed for him. I get to do the dirty work like change diapers. 😛 Not that I’m complaining. LOL!

Photo Challenge: Silly face

My son has a few silly faces caught on camera. I was trying to snap one earlier for today’s challenge when we were out in the sun but for some reason, he didn’t really have a silly face. I’ve dug through the archives to find one and here is what I got. Taken just today:

"bleh!" :P
“bleh!” 😛

I know, I know. It’s not really silly. But can you blame me if I post a cute pose of my little boy? 😛

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