Day 12: Something That I Miss and A High Angle

Blog Challenge: Something that I miss

I just transitioned from being single with no dependent to being single with dependent. In other words, I just became a parent. And as most of the people who, well, technically changed status, there will always be a few something that you miss doing.

I hope I will not be looked at in a bad angle for being honest with this topic. One of the things that I miss is my “me” time. Before I got pregnant, I have the liberty to do whatever I want whenever I want. I have quite an impulsive streak so I do things just because most of the time. For example, I want to go out for coffee, I go out no matter what time of day. I need a massage, I go to a spa to get one. I want to get away from the city, I go on a road trip. And more often than not, I do these things alone. Gives me a lot of time to think about the things that I want to achieve in life.

Another thing that I miss is impulsive shopping. LOL! One proof that I indeed am a woman. 😛 (That’s for another story, though. I am no lesbian, just to clear that out). Anyway, I used to buy things that I like whenever I want it as long as I have the funds. And most of the time, I have the funds (a little extra from all those overtimes at work haha!). Now, it’s different. I have to think many times before making a purchase. And I usually end up not buying for myself. LOL!

Another thing that I miss are my weekend night outs, regardless if it’s going to be a drinking session or coffee session with friends. It’s not the same anymore. Now, instead of going out, I spend my time with my son. And I try to spend more time with him than with work. Finding the balance between the two is still a challenge for me.

I think I miss the small things that I used to do on my own when I was single and alone. And I think I now realize that there are things that I should give up doing a s well given that I now have a kid to think of. I cannot be as impulsive as I used to be. My son is now my first priority and that’s non-negotiable. I now have to slow down a bit in terms of my being a workaholic (biggest challenge at this moment), no more late night outs (at least for the mean time :P).

And I guess the list can go longer if I really give it a hard thought. But then again, like I said, once you become a parent, it will be a total 180-degree life turn. I’m not saying that I wouldn’t be able to do the things that I used to do, but I guess it will take some time before I will be able to do them again – but with a little tweaking on how I will do them in the future.

Photo Challenge: From a high angle

I don’t have a latest photo taken from a high angle since most of the ones that I have been taking are close ups. The highest angle that I have taken so far is about a yard above the bed just to get a full body shot of my son. 😛 That would mean standing over the bed with my camera phone held at probably about eye level.

Here’s one that was taken during his “informal” second month shoot:

something that I miss_as always, orange and purple theme
as always, orange and purple theme

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