Day 2: Favorite Quotes and Out and About

Blog Challenge: Favorite quotes

I am not the kind of person that has a certain quote that I live by or even something that I can say my favorite.  But here is something that I have kept posted in my cork board at work. Something to remind me about the difference of a boss and a leader. I found this during the times when our workplace was chaotic and power struggle was everywhere. It was actually a very shameful time that was. Oh well, so here goes:

A boss creates fear,
a leader confidence.
A boss fixes blame,
a leader corrects mistakes.
A boss knows all, a leader asks questions.
A boss makes work drudgery,
a leader makes it interesting.

– Russell H Ewing

I guess there’s no need for me to explain why I like this quote. It’s pretty simple and straightforward.

There was also this text message that has been going around way back about life and coffee (if I remember correctly. All I know was that it was something about coffee :P). I tried searching for it but for some reason, I cannot find it. The “life is like a cup of coffee” search results that Google dishes out is not the one that I was looking for.  I’ll keep looking for that and will post it as addendum to this blog challenge when I find it.

There are a lot of other quotes that I like out there, but, as mentioned, nothing really sticks with me. So I cannot really say that I have a favorite(s) quotes. But try to check out Disney Words (@disneywords) in Twitter. They post really good quotes from Disney movies. 🙂

Photo Challenge Day 2: Out and About

Seriously, how do you really define this? I checked Google for the meaning (yep, I really did just to make sure I really understand it haha!) and it is defined as “engaging in normal activity after an illness”.

Well, my baby has not been ill so I decided to take his photo when we were at the mall yesterday. So, it is more like, “out and about after being cooped inside the house for a week”. I think my understanding is still correct. So here it is:

favorite quotes_out and about
“Hey there!” 🙂

favorite quotes_out and about2

<3 <3 <3

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