Photo Blog Challenge, anyone?

A cousin of mine is currently doing a 365-day photo challenge. Sounds easy to do with all the smart phones / camera phones all over. And there was a video that I saw of  a baby. It was a video montage of video clips taken since day 1 up until the kid turned 1 year old. I actually loved the idea of the video montage that I was planning to do the same with my son. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to do that. The idea of it is really cool but doing it is not as easy as it sounded.

For the past two months, I have been trying to get at least one photo per day of my son. This is because I am still planning of doing a photo montage for his first birthday. Again, looking at my folder of his photos, I have several days missing. Times that I don’t remember taking a snap because we were busy playing. Or my son is busy sleeping (and trust me, he’s already got waaaaay too much photos sleeping). So, I started to search for those baby photo challenges – usually a 30-day period of photo taking with different themes per day. And I only found one for baby photo challenge.

photo blog challenge_30-day baby photo challenge
30-day baby photo challenge

Looking at the themes, I already have most of these shots. Not all, but most of it. So I tried to search for more. I didn’t know there were a lot of these 30-day challenges going around. Anyway, I came across a blog challenge. It sounds interesting, too.

photo blog challenge_ 31-day blog challenge
31-day blog challenge

Am I up to the challenge? Hmm… given that the month has already started (it’s already the second of the month), why not? I think I can start tomorrow so it will be a Sunday start (November 3) and end it by December 2. I could probably start with the blog challenge today to end it on the same day as well.

And yes, my dear readers, I am thinking of doing the two challenges, hence the photo blog challenge. Where’s the fun in doing just one? LOL! So starting tonight, there will be one post per day consisting of something about me (the blog) and  a photo of my son (the photo challenge).

Let’s see how far I could go with this one. 😛


Note: credits to the owners of the photos

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